Revisions to BAS Assessement Window
and Data Entry into BASIS 3.0
The assessment periods and deadlines for entry into BASIS have been revised to ensure the quality of the BAS implementation that includes analysis of the data for instructional implications, and time to instruct students based on identified targets.

The revised Benchmark Assessment calendar reflects three assessmen twindows with a minimum deadline for when individual students' BAS independent, instructional, and frustrational levels should be entered into BASIS 3.0.  Schools should continue to implement BAS based on the needs of their students and progress monitoring plans. As teachers complete BAS with the students, data with the actual date of adminsistration should be entered into BASIS with five days.

BAS revision

These revisions also apply to the Sistem de Evalucaion de la Lectura (SEL) used to track tstudents' progress towards proficiency in Spanish for students int he Dual Language Program.

Teachers are encouraged to access information about BAS and the Balanced Literacy Model at

For BCPS Info about BAS: For BCPS Info about SEL:

(From memo of November 7, 2016 from Daniel Gohl via Valerie Wanza to All Elementary Principals)