BTU wants you to be safe and protect yourself in this ever-evolving learning environment, so we're sharing some strategies for success. As always, if you have questions, contact your field staff representative directly for an answer. Click here for a list of field reps by school.

COVID Procedures

UPDATED COVID-19 SELF-ISOLATION, QUARANTINE AND PHYSICAL DISTANCING PROCEDURES. This memo provides updated information on COVID-19 health and safety protocols. View Updated Procedures Memo. If a student tests positive, see this chart for quarantine requirements.

Summer Term
Instructional App

Broward County’s 2021 Summer Program has been expanded to include Pre-K through 12th grade students with a variety of programs and courses. It is anticipated that 3,000 plus teachers will be needed to staff BCPS summer term programs. Each site will determine the subject/course offerings based on the student needs. To apply, go to (deadline is April 16).
Questions? View additional information and application instructions.

School Year (ESY) /Summer Academy

This announcement is to advise ESPs, Clerical/Secretarial & Security Personnel that you may apply to work the 2021 Summer Extended School Year (ESY)/Summer Academy Programs. The Summer Term Application must submitted no later than by 5 p.m. on Friday, May 21, 2021 to be considered for summer employment. Questions? View Additional Information and check out Available Positions.

Ask Ed
Teams Help

AskEd is a BOT that will provide answers to commonly asked “How do I...” questions. Currently, AskEd is only providing answers regarding Microsoft Teams. It is possible that in the future, it will include other apps View Access Directions.

BCPS Ed Plan

The District will continue to offer in-person, full-time instruction at all campuses five days a week. Required wearing of masks and extensive COVID-19 cleaning and sanitizing protocols are in place to maximize student and teacher safety. Read the Press Release for a summary or View the Entire Plan.

BCPS Ed Plan

The District will continue to offer in-person, full-time instruction at all campuses five days a week. Required wearing of masks and extensive COVID-19 cleaning and sanitizing protocols are in place to maximize student and teacher safety. Read the Press Release for a summary or View the Entire Plan.

Remote Work

If you have already been approved for remote work assignment and have been working remotely,

then your remote work assignment is scheduled to end on 1/8/21 with a return back to your worksite on 1/11/21. Your principal/supervisor will directly communicate with you to inform you whether your remote work assignment is being extended or not. Read Info


BROWARD INSTRUCTIONAL DEVELOPMENT AND GROWTH EVALUATION SYSTEM (BRIDGES) Classroom Teacher Orientation 2020-2021. Read Info which includes components, requirements, dates and more.

Instructions Choice

BCPS is offering electronic delivery of your W-2 beginning with the 2020 calendar year. All active employees who select the electronic W-2 will have the option to view, print and save their 2020 W-2 from the convenience of their home through Employee Self Service. Selection must be made December 17, 2020 to January 13, 2021. (VIEW)


Teacher Directed Improvement Fund (TDIF) Grants provide qualifying instructional personnel the opportunity to submit the grant requests: for Tuition Reimbursement and Special Projects. View Memo   Application

COVID Symptons
Action Tree

The revised changes are due to CDC and public health experts’ guidance. The following information includes Revised BCPS Symptomatic Action Tree. This action tree addresses managing students and staff with suspected COVID-19 symptoms and guidance with positive cases and close contacts. Read Memo    View Flowchart

Bridge to

The Bridge to Medicare Incentive Program awards eligible Educational Professionals and Educational Support Professionals (not including Part-time (PT) Adult Education and temporary) with the opportunity to Retire or Resign no later than December 31, 2020 and continue their Benefits at no cost until the month prior to their 65th birthday when Medicare eligibility begins

MEMO: Eligible Employee for Bridge to Medicare Incentive Program. (VIEW)
Resignation-Retirement Form. (VIEW) (Deadline Nov 13, 2020)
Bridge to Medicare Incentive Program Instructions. (VIEW)
Bridge to Medicare Incentive Program FAQ. (VIEW)

FAQs for
Face Coverings

Discusses the options for discipine for students not wearing masks. (VIEW)


In order to enter Broward County Public Schools facilities, all students, parents/caregivers, and employees should answer these self-assessment questions at home each morning prior to coming to school or work (VIEW)


This reference sheet contains the latest attendance codes to be used in Phase 2. (VIEW)
Self Awareness

Overview of best practices presented to the Board (VIEW)
Phase 2 

Acadademics, Athletics, Meals, Transportation, and more. (VIEW)
Air Purifiers

Information from the district about your purchase of Plexiglass Shields and Air Purifiers
Classroom  Return and
at Home Schedule

Who reports when? (VIEW)

RevisedSchool Calendar

Revised School Calendar showing new planning and early release days (VIEW)
Face Coverings Broward's Face Covering Policies (VIEW)


ESE Frequently Asked Questions (VIEW)
  • Information about Temporary Distance Learning Plans for Students with Disabilities for the 2020-21 school year (VIEW)

  • 5 HOURS ... REALLY?
  • In answer to a lot of questions on the topic, it is NOT BTU's position, nor did we agree with any requirement for you to be on camera for 5 hours straight on any instructional day.

  • When students are in class, you are obligated to leave your computer on and be near it at all times so that you can monitor chat and keep your class open. Your camera does not need to be on when students are in small groups or are working on a project.

    For more information see #8 in eLearning MOU.

  • Remember: the same discipline matrix that applies to in-person teaching applies to e-learning. If a student does something that is against the Student Code of Conduct, you should follow the usual matrix. This includes audio or video disruptions (MORE).

  • Contact your administrator for guidance on what to do if someone other than a student interrupts your lesson. Remember that you can always mute or remove someone if necessary.

  • Always realize that when you turn on your camera, you are broadcasting to anyone who happens to be in the same room or same household. You cannot see what is not captured by the student's camera, so you have no way of controlling who sees, hears or videos the screen. Conduct yourself as if you are appearing live on national TV.

  • Along the same lines, be mindful of your work space. Make sure you know what is visible in the background. You may want to do a trial run with a colleague or friend to test this. Protect your privacy!

  • USE OF
  • NO cell phone or other personal technology may be used for communication purposes except under the direction of a teacher or administrator for instructional purposes. (MORE).

    ... WHO MAY/MAY NOT?
    ... WHO HAS TO?
  • Your lessons may NOT be recorded by a student or someone else. It is against the law for anyone to record you without your express permission. It is a good idea to let parents and students know, in writing, that you cannot be recorded as you are teaching unless you have given permission to do so (MORE).

  • You have a right to, BUT ARE NOT OBLIGATED TO, self-record your lessons.

    ... WHO'S THERE?
  • When you are interacting with individual students or instructing the entire class, make sure they turn on their video camera to verify that you are speaking to them, not anyone else.

  • Be mindful of what is being said in the Chat session! It is your responsibility to monitor the chat while you are delivering a lesson and to follow normal protocol if a student writes something inappropriate or offensive.

  • Always turn off your meeting AND breakout rooms at the end of each class. Teams does NOT shut off all sessions automatically. You must close every open Teams session before beginning a new one.