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Steward Docs

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EP Checklist (pdf)   EP Checklist (doc)
ESP Checklist (pdf)   ESP Checklist (doc)
TSP Checklist (pdf)   TSP Checklist (doc)
CSP Checklist (pdf)   CSP Checklist (doc)

Alyssa's Alert Information

22-23 Steward Events
(as of 08.03.22)

Thu, Aug 4   Steward Training
Tue, Aug 9   EPs First Day
Wed, Aug 10   Planning - No Meetings
Fri, Aug 12   Planning - No Meetings
Fri, Aug 12   ESPs First Day
Tue, Aug 23   Election Day
Wed, Aug 24   E-Board Meeting
Wed, Sep 14   ESP Chat
Wed, Sep 21   ESP Steward Release
Wed, Sep 28   E-Board Meeting
Thu, Sep 29   EP Steward Release
Wed, Oct 19   ESP Chat (Virtual)
Thu, Oct 20   Steward Council
Wed, Oct 26   E-Board Meeting
Tue, Nov 8   Election Day
Wed, Nov 9   ESP Steward Release
Wed, Nov 16   ESP Chat (Virtual)
Wed, Nov 16   ESP Appreciation Day
Wed, Nov 17   EP Steward Release
Tue, Nov 29   ESP Chat
Wed, Nov 30   E-Board Meeting
Fri, Dec 9   Steward Council
Wed, Dec 21   E-Board Meeting
Wed, Jan 18   ESP Steward Release
Tue, Jan 24   ESP Chat (Virtual)
Wed, Jan 25   E-Board Meeting
Thu, Jan 26   ESP Chat
Thu, Jan 26   EP Steward Release
Wed, Feb 22   E-Board Meeting
Tue, Mar 7   2023 Florida Legislature Session Begins
Wed, Mar 8   ESP Steward Release
Thu, Mar 9   Steward Council
Wed, Mar 15   ESP Chat
Wed, Mar 29   E-Board Meeting
Thu, Mar 30   EP Steward Release
Wed, Apr 26   E-Board Meeting
Tue, May 2   Teacher Appreciation Day
Fri. May 5   2023 Florida Legislature Session Ends
Fri, May 12   Checklist Deadline
Wed, May 17   ESP Steward Release
Thu, May 18   Steward Council
Tue, May 23   ESP Chat (Virtual)
Wed, May 24   E-Board Meeting
Thu, May 25   ESP Chat (Virtual)
Thu, May 25   EP Steward Release
Wed, Jun 28   E-Board Meeting

2022-25 Steward Elections Documents

2022-25 Steward Elections Instructions
(Start here ... includes process, timeline and more)

Elections Announcement Sample
(For bulletin board)

Steward Elections Vote Tally Form
(For use at site. Archived at site after election.)

Steward Elections Results Form
(scan or send photo of this form only TO No later than 5 pm on May 5.)

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