Tweet for Your Job!

The Legislature is already out of control. We need to let them hear from us. Create your tweet and tag the legislators. Be sure to to include the following hashtags on your tweet: #FundOurFutureFL #4EveryStudent

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Florida Senate (Broward)
  District 30 Senator Tina Polsky @TinaPolsky
  District 32 Senator Rosalind Osgood @osgood_dr
  District 35 Senator Lauren Book @LeaderBookFL
  District 37 Senator Jason Pizzo @senpizzo

Florida House (Broward)
  District 95 Representative Christine Hunschofsky @CHunschofsky
  District 96 Representative Dan Daley @DanDaley
  District 97 Representative Lisa Dunkley    ----------
  District 98 Representative Patricia H Williams @patwilliams4u
  District 99 Representative Daryl Campbell @RepCampbell_FL
  District 100 Representative Chip Lamarca @ChipLaMarca
  District 101 Representative Hillary Cassel @HC4Florida
  District 102 Representative Michael Gottlieb @BrowardCrimeLaw
  District 103 Representative Robin Bartleman @Robin_Bartleman
  District 104 Representative Felicia Robinson @repfelrobinson
  District 105 Representative Marie Woodson @MarieWoodsonFL